I help people overcome their sugar cravings and lose weight so they can enjoy a sweeter life!

    Tess Seward

    I help people overcome their sugar cravings and lose weight so they can enjoy a sweeter life!

    Tess Seward

    Areas of Expertise

    Registered Nurse BSc (Hons) 1st

    Former Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care and Nurse Prescriber

    Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

    My Story

    I was hooked on sugar from a very early age. Cakes, chocolate and puddings were all a big part of my childhood and fed my emotional hunger too. 

    But all that sugar came with a HUGE cost. I was diagnosed with migraines from the age of six! I always felt overweight. In my teens I began to hate the way I felt and looked, I had zero self-confidence and sugar really did become the main focus in my life at that time. It was all-consuming.


    I was constantly trying new diets. I always felt that if I could only lose a few pounds THEN I’d be happier. I was always counting calories and when I did try to cut back on sugar, I just CRAVED it all the more. I really didn’t feel I could be happy unless I’d had my sugar fix. I knew it was bad for me, but I self sabotaged anyway.


    Ultimately the cost of sugar became too great, and working as a nurse in palliative care, I knew that if I didn’t get a handle on this sugar addiction, I was possibly headed for much the same fate as many of my patients.

    When I started to research, I began to realise just how addictive sugar was. For years I had beaten myself up, disgusted at how weak-willed I’d been, when actually I was discovering how it really wasn’t my fault, and I wasn’t alone in this. 

    I learned how sugar messes with our hormones and keeps us trapped in a powerful cycle of addiction, and how over time it will make us sick.


    One day, I finally hit rock bottom following a particularly bad migraine attack. That day I finally decided that I wasn’t going to put my health at risk any further, and I was going to quit sugar for good!

    I learned that freedom from sugar lay in going back to basics, cooking all my own food from scratch, introducing healthy fats and keeping blood sugars balanced.


    I fell in LOVE with eating delicious and nourishing food!
    I loved how I began to feel!
    I loved getting my energy back!
    I loved how I lost weight so effortlessly (despite years of former struggle)!


    If you are someone who has struggled to break free from sugar, then click on the link below to get your FREE sugar detox starter kit, and let’s get you feeling great, losing weight and getting your vibrant energy back!

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    Liz M

    Tess introduced me to healing power of food. I started to introduce delicious whole foods including lots of different vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and crowd out the processed stuff. I lost the weight I needed to despite eating really well, and I feel I am so much calmer and happier now

    Jane W

    Tess showed me how to make simple changes to reduce the amount of sugar I was eating. I lost 5kg without even trying, it has stayed off and I feel I’ve got my energy back. Thank you Tess!

    Sue R

    Working with Tess was invaluable following my breast cancer diagnosis. I am now much more mindful of what I eat, and enjoy cooking delicious, wholesome meals. She helped me move away from all the sugar I was eating. I am sleeping better and no longer feel so stressed

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