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The recipes I receive daily from Sweeterlife are a great inspiration, and are really helping me in my attempts to find my way back to a healthier way of eating. I love how they follow the seasons, that they are easy to follow, and that they are so quick to make. My favourites are the soups, and a butternut squash curry that I make on a regular basis, but I also love the salads and the smoothi​es. And don’t get me started on the puddings!!! ❤️


Aarhus, Denmark

Lovely and quick to make, and simple to follow, these delicious recipes arriving my inbox are inspiring me to enjoy all sorts of vegetables that I don’t often think of buying. Thank you Tess! 


Darlington, Co Durham 

 Seasonal, creative, healthy, easy and delicious! Getting these recipes daily makes my time in the kitchen a pleasure, and my life lighter each day. Thank you so much Tess!


Berlin, Germany

I love getting a brand new recipe in my inbox each morning! I never run out of inspiration of things to cook these days and I know that everything I make will be sugar-free, seasonal and easy to make. So far, everything I’ve tried is delicious. Several of Tess’s recipes have become firm family favourites that even my picky kids adore and are a great way to increase their intake of fruit and veg. A very special mention to the vegan sugar-free carrot cake. Absolutely amazing!


Hastings, East Sussex

Having tried and experimented with Tessa’s recipes, I would highly recommend them. Not only are they easy to make, they are nutritious too and a delight for the taste buds! The sweet treat alternatives also really hit the spot!


Colchester, Essex 

Some of Our Delicious Recipes

A Recipe a Day for a Naturally Sweeter Life! 


Boosting our immunity has never been more important than it is now! This is a great opportunity for us to be taking back control of our health, to cut out processed food and refined sugars, get home cooking, and enjoy REAL FOOD!


  • Seasonal

    Eating seasonal, organic, locally grown vegetables and fruit not only tastes better but is also so much more nutritious. 

  • Quick and Easy

    Most recipes take under 20 minutes to prepare, and some take as little as 5 minutes to put together. Just basic kitchen equipment needed, plus a good blender is recommended.

  • Immunity Boosting

    One of the most important things we can do to strengthen our immunity is through eating nutrient-dense whole foods. And completely cutting out the processed stuff, especially refined sugars! Sugar messes with our gut bacteria which are so important in reducing inflammation and warding off disease.

  • Mainly Plant-Based and Gluten-Free

    There are lots of health benefits to moving away from meat and dairy products to a more plant-based lifestyle, although these recipes are not exclusively vegan. Nor are they are completely gluten-free, although gluten is minimised where possible as it can create significant inflammation in some.

  • Refined sugar-free

    Naturally sweetened with fruit, dates and occasional maple syrup

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